Ken Shek

Ken Shek

Chief Operation Officer

Mr. Ken Shek has over 20 years of banking and finance experience.  In the 90s, Mr. Shek worked for renowned international banks, including Chase Manhattan Bank and American Express Bank.

He was responsible for mortgage loan, credit risk management and retail loan businesses.   During his tenure at American Express Bank, Mr. Shek successfully fostered collaboration between the bank and Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited (“HKMC”), selling over HKD 1.2 billion mortgage loans and implementing mortgage-backed securitization (“MBS”).  American Express Bank was the first bank involving in the HKMC MBS programme.

Mr. Shek joined AMTD Asset Management Limited (formerly named as AMTD Financial Planning Limited, abbreviated as “AMTD”) in 2005, focusing on financial planning and private wealth management businesses.  He was promoted to Director and appointed as AMTD’s registered Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers in 2015.   Under the leadership of Mr. Shek, the sales volume of the businesses he oversaw reached HKD 53 million and HKD 72 million in 2014 and 2015 respectively, achieving net profit of over HKD 13 million.

Mr. Shek holds a Master’s degree in Management Science from the University of Lancaster and is currently the Chief Operation Officer of VENTURE SMART.